Terroir – Tradition – Quality

Born in the heart of the mountains, on the borders of Haute Ardeche, Loire, and Haute-Loire, LC Salaisons en Ardèche is an integral part of the Ardeche and Auvergne gastronomic heritage. Turning its back on an overly industrial approach to "charcuterie" products, and concerned to ensure the authenticity of this ancient legacy, the company has chosen to develop sausages which are slowly refined in the dryers. The sausages develop a good scent of forest mushrooms thanks to their 100% natural flora.

With its PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) Ardèche, the mountain certification, and the organic certification, our range of sausages is known for its incomparable taste.

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Controlled production, supporting the quality.

For nearly a century, the Maison Léon Chaillot (today LC Salaisons en Ardèche) has been working to offer you quality products resulting from traditional and artisanal know-how.Thanks to the unique recipes developed by our master refiner and to a controlled production, we offer you a quality charcuterie to accompany your aperitifs, toasts and meals with family or friends!

At LC Salaisons en Ardèche, quality is everyone's business! From raw material suppliers to product refining and manufacturing techniques, at each step, specifications are strictly followed!

Since quality does not prevent progress, the constant improvement of the factory makes the perpetuation of the tradition and old manual techniques possible while improving the working conditions of the employees.

The company's employees are invested, women and men proud of their jobs who share the values of "well done and good" every day, before shipping, they are the ones who taste, according to a tasting chart, a range of products for a final organoleptic check.

Thanks to them and their practices, the company is recognized by the Culinary College of France and can proudly display the logo "producers, quality craftsmen"

Selection of raw materials.

No good charcuterie without good meat!

The selection of raw materials plays a fundamental role in the development of our products. No more frozen meat, we select carefully sorted pieces (shoulder, bardière, ham, loin, breast) and rigorously traced, coming exclusively from French farms and mainly from the Massif Central.

Our organic products are made from French meat from Farms engaged in an organic sector controlled by an independent body.

Controlled manufacturing, serving wholesome products

All our products are guaranteed to be free of colorants, no added nitrite salt, which is a sign of our commitment to a healthier product.

A key stage in the production, we pay particular attention to the mincing of the meats.

In order to give our sausages their characteristic textures, we are commited to cut the meat by "reproducing the gestures of our grandmother" as the workshop manager says, and to homogenize the "melee" . Finely seasoned according to well-kept recipes, the melee is then put to rest, in order to let the different aromas bloom

Then comes the delicate moment of embossing. Embossing involves putting ground and seasoned meats in the casings. At LC Salaisons in Ardèche, the type of casing used is as important as the meat selected. We only use natural casing, which allows you, if you wish, to consume it with your sausage.

The rigorous stage of curing is a very important step. During this step, and under controlled conditions of heat and humidity, the bacteria necessary for the curing of sausages develop naturally. The sausages are then ready for drying, the last step in the manufacturing process. It is during this stage that they will slowly dehydrate, allowing the aromas to develop.

Come take a tour of our dryers! You will find there smells of forest mushrooms due to the controlled development of the natural white and gray flowers on our sausages! And because we respect our product, we give it time to dry and slowly mature, which sets us apart from industrial productions.

After having been checked by an internal jury on the conformity of the texture and the taste as well as the bacteriological quality, the sausages are declared "ready to be packed" and then shipped to you!